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dakaqua's Journal

Specially create lj acc so I can explore yunjae fandom on lj kekeke XD
and if you looking for something to read just look into my memories

now I've widen my wings into the wonderful world of the world most popular slash pairing...
yup, you got it! it harry and draco, the cutest, sexiest, hottest, droolworthy couple ever

-2nd edit-
I think the biggest slash fandom nowadays is Teen Wolf. And of course I read, and read, and read, lots lots of teen wolf fic that I know how dirty those fangirls (and mine) minds. And that knotting exist.
and that 20 something emotionally stunted broody alpha werewolf with adonis muscle that could makes Michaelangelo weeps is head over heels for the sheriff undarage son with eyes of molten gold and pale frecled skins and lips so so pretty that keeps spilling never ending fountain of sarcastic remarks. The ust between this two so thick it can be cut with a knife and have inspired thousand fic based on this prompt
anime, basically anything slash., cielxsebastian, d18, doujinshi, drarry, manga, mclahey, sciisac, sterek, stiles/derek, yaoi, yunjae