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[drabble] What Minnie Wants, Minnie Gets
What Minnie Wants, Minnie Gets

«Yoomin, ninja!yunjae»
«614 WC»
«inspired by this post on tumbr»

“Chun-ah, I’m hungry… cook for me?” Changmin laid his head on his boyfriend thigh as he puts his best kicked puppy expression.
“You’re always hungry Minnie. Why don’t you ask Jaejoong hyung to cook for you?” Ask Yoochun, fingers automatically run itself through the younger one wavy locks.

“Well, that’s the problem. I knocked on Jae-hyung rooms earlier and ask him to cook, but the only answer I heard was grunt and growl, but then instead Jae-hyung, Yunho-hyung answered. He said Jae-hyung was really tied-up and can’t cook for me. Please… Yoochun-ah, I wanna eat ramen.”  Changmin whined, which was really out of his character, as the word whine and plead originally didn’t exist in the maknae dictionary. Originally but when it comes to his bottomless stomach he can be really flexible.

Yeah, tied-up my ass, Yoochun snorted at his hyungs doing. “Why don’t you cook it yourself? Baby, you know can’t cook”
“But at list you can make me ramen. It’ll be good enough to keep my somatch from growling every five seconds, at least until Yunho-hyung finish hogging Jae-hyung.” He know he exaggerated his wound but he promised it’s all for a good cause.
 The group maknae now playing aimlessly with Yoochun finger that had stopped moving sometimes ago, his mismatched eyes spotted a package of melon bread lying ownerless on top of the coffee table. Without wasting a second he grabbed it with hundred percent precision and opened the wrapper with ease.
“Come again why you couldn’t make it your own baby?”
“I cut my fingers on yesterday practice, it still hurt and I can’t open the ramen package.” Said the younger one as he carelessly nibbling the sweet cream filled bread, the sweetness of the filling invades his taste buds.
“Wait? What? But just now you had no problem opened my bread, what’s the different between the bread wrapper and the ramen wrapper? ” Yoochun asked, his tone full of disbelieve, he love the snarky maknae, vastly so, and he usually give in to the youngest easily. Well, they all are, but now he just doesn’t feel like it.
“No, they’re not.”
“As much as you like to declare that you’re the smartest among us, this time you wrong baby.”
“No, they’re not. You can easily opened tore bread package with four fingers. But to open ramen packaged you need both of your hands.” The youngest stated heatedly.

Yoochun just stared at the maknae stubbornness. It’s rare to see the snarky smart Minnie being this childish. He usually was being the all smart and mature Shim Changmin, so he’s going to enjoy the moment to the fullest.
Changmin realized that his argument was kind of ridiculous so he just going to use his secret weapon. He forced himself to get up from the comfort of the older one thigh, rearranging himself as he sitting on the baritone lap’s, wounding his arm around the slender neck. He starred at the handsome face framed with curly locks, licks his dry lips and moved his body forward only sparing few inch between them. He whispered low on the older one ears, using his most seductive tone.

“Listen carefully Chun-ah. I won’t repeat it twice. You make ramen, and maybe I will let you use those fluffy cuffs Jae-hyung gives me on my birthday.” A blow of hot breath and wet licks that followed sent Yoochun scramble from the couch to the kitchen.
“Remember I don’t like it soggy, I’ll be waiting in my room!” Changmin yelled as he heard telltale rattle sound of the pan. Shim Changmin always get what he wanted be it something to eat or someone to eat him, literally.


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