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[drabble] The Warlord
The Warlord

Ξ Choi SiwonXNameless Character
Ξ General
Ξ 169 WC
Ξ A/N because acha's siwon looks like arrogant overlord or someething, and the name of the city is taken from Kyoko Hikawa's Kanata Kara. gosh, I love that manga

“My Lord, everything is ready, by the break of dawn the border will fall and by noon the city of Irkust will be ours my Lord.”  Counselor Park bow deeply as he finished his report.

“Thank you Counselor Lee. Now you shall retreat to your room. I want my second hand in command all alert for tomorrow ambush.”  The silhouette of the man who’s facing the fireplace bouncing as he turns his seat around facing the young Counselor.
“Yes, My Lord.” Counselor Lee once again bows to the Warlord and get out of the head quarter.

“One more step, my Love, one more step, and you shall be mine, forever.” The Warlord said as he laid his head on the back of his high chair. The soft winds blow through the ventilation and the howl of the wolf seems to lull him to sleep. He feels anxious and somehow excited, he can’t wait for the dawn to come and take his once true love in his arms once again.


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