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Secret Hideout
Secret Hideout

Ξ yunjae
Ξ PG-13
Ξ 569 WC

He grabs his hand not wanting to let go. Everything he had suppressed inside seems to burst at any second.

“Let go of my hand!” Jaejoong yell as he tried to yank his hand free of Yunho strong grasp.
“You choose them; you choose to stay with them. You don’t want me any longer!” He yelled louder, tears streaming down his smooth cheeks.

“No, baby… listens to me. I had no choice, and you know how it hurt me. Maybe more than it hurts you.”
“No, You… you listen to me Mr. Jung. You had… had a choice, you always had… but… but you choose to stay! Now let me go!” Jaejoong tried to speak as clear as he can between his sobs.
“No, never.” Yunho stated as he pulled Jaejoong into his arms, nuzzling his nose into the crook of the older man’s neck. Inhaling familiar scent he missed so damn much.
“You know me very well, Jaejoongie. I’m never letting go something that’s rightfully mine from the start.” Yunho low whisper sending shivers into the older man spine, make him remember the nights and days they share years before.

Jaejoong could feel Yunho’s hot breath ghosting over his sensitive earlobe and then wet and hot muscle licking it. He unconsciously moaned, he hates to admit it but he did miss his fearless leader-shii. Yunho’s tongue traces the pulsing vein on the older ones neck leaving wet trail of saliva behind. He stops at his favorite spot the birthmark on Jaejoong’s neck nibbling, licking and sucking the spot until it turns purplish.

“Oh, how I miss you baby…”
His warm breath ghosting on the older ones face. He was glad, he was glad finally gives in to the temptation of those luscious lips. The first touch of their lips he feels like finally coming home. The first few second Yunho just putting his lips against Jaejoong, savoring the taste of the older man, when he felt wet tongue probing along his lips, he opens his mouth willingly, letting the older man take charge of the length and the pace of their ‘coming home’ session. Because if it were up to him, he would ready to jump Jaejoong right here and now, when they can no longer deny their need for oxygen their reluctantly releasing their lip lock. Both are panting from the lack of air, Yunho caress the beautiful face in front of him softly, carefully brushing the bang that covered those beautiful doe eyes.

“It’s your fault Yunho, you are my kryptonite, Jung Yunho. You the only one who can make me waver. But I can’t live like this. I can’t betray Junsu and Chunnie…” Jaejoong sobs once again tears are streaming down his rosy cheeks.

“Yes, baby. It is my fault, I’ll take the blame but Chunnie and Junsu were angry because you meet me here. But baby… I don’t think they’ll be because I was able to meet you here because of Chunnie and Junsu. They’re waiting for us now.” Yunho smiled wider as he see smile bloom on those beautiful lips.

“With Changmin?”
“Yes, with Changmin. Come in baby, let’s go. They’re waiting for us.” Yunho entwined their finger and lead Jaejoong to his car. They’ll retreat to their secret hide out, away from seeing eyes and hearing ears. A secret hide out where they’ll just be them self, a family, a complete family.

A/N: found this drabble few days ago on my notebooks. look like I wrote it in the beginning of all this mess. not good enough but better than leaving this journal barren, isn't it?


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