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Arch Enemy

Title: Arch Enemy
smut(?), super mild ninja angst
Rating: NC-17
ms102397dkt thank you!
Jaejoong is noble vampire. Yunho is vampire hunter. They love to play tag. whose got to be 'IT' this time?
Disclaimer: the plot belong to wasabi muguro, yunjae belong to each other.
AN: fail attempt to write smut. I have no decent grammar skill or wide vocab so the word kinda repetitive. And the story might get confusing cause I write it on different time and different mood.So for anyone who spared their time and read this lousy fic of mine I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Inspired from Manga Necratoholic by Wasabi Muguro.

The high ceiling, the gleaming parquet floor, the sturdy column decorated with baroque details and whatever left from the grand crystal chandelier hanging at the center of the room which adds some beauty to the whole mess. The only source of light is the full moon shining brightly from the sky. The beam permeated through the windows somehow thickens the dramatic effect around two figures on the floor. The sound of skin slapping against skin followed by moans and groans are the only sounds could be heard, the beautiful music to Yunho's ear. The perfect match for the beautiful surrounding and the beautiful vampire he's holding in his arms now.

"Ngghh... Aaahh... Aaaahh.... Yunho, you bastard! Nnnn... I'll kill you!" Jaejoong said in between his moans. But the one who pounded into him from behind merely chuckled. Instead, he tighthens his grip on the pale smooth flesh of Jae's slim waist and fastens his rhythm.

"For the one who seems to detest me so much, you're surely enjoying me being inside you, my Queen." He said in a low husky voice directly to Jae's ear. Jaejoong feels another shiver running down his spine as he feels a wet tongue licking his earlobe and trailing down his neck. It stops only to suck one particular spot that had Jaejoong let out another groan.

"Aaaahhh... Aaahhhh... Aaahh... Fuck... Yun... Yunho!" Jae's moans gets louder as Yunho's thrusts gets deeper and harder. Each pound brushing his hidden bundle of nerves dead on, making Jae's breath hitch and his member leak more pearly liquid.

"Fuck, so tight Jae... It's wrapped around me so damn tightly as if it doesn't want to let me go. Are you sure that you hate me? 'Cause your body worships me very much baby. It responds to my every touch." Yunho said as his hand roams under Jaejoong's white shirt. His hand found the perky pink nub, his long finger rubbing, twisting and flicking it until it becomes really pointy against the white material.

Jaejoong can't even retort any remark as his mind is clouded with every sensation Yunho makes him feel. The way his fingers roam in every inch of his body is amazing, exploring every nook and cranny of the beautiful vampire body. The way he pounds his hard length into Jaejoong's core making him see stars is exceptionally stunning.

"What's wrong my queen? Can't even form a coherent sentences? Is the pleasure I'm giving you melted your brain?" his tone dripps with sarcasm. But even the sarcasm can't make Jae say anything except for moans that constantly leaves his plump lips.

He knows he isn't allowed to feel such a thing for this man. This is his arch enemy for godsake. Vampires should never feel anything, except crave to have some blood spill towards any vampire hunter. But he, Kim Jaejoong, one of the royal lines of the vampire clan, do feels something. Ever since their first meeting, he somehow gravitated towards the taller man. And the attraction is mutual. The taller man made sure that hunting down The Mighty Kim Jaejoong his sole mission. That's how this cat and mouse game between them started.

Jaejoong could always feel pair of eyes following him anywhere, watching his every movement. Yunho would always engage open battle every now and then. As if it's a mutual agreement when either one of them was close to losing the battle, the other one would retreat. It was some sort of entertainment for Jaejoong. As in his dull immortal life not once he ever meets such a fascinating man as Yunho. The game had been on for quite sometime until this eventful night. Yunho had attacked him on his castle, something he never did before. The beautiful vampire could see determination in his eyes. He instantly understood that this will be their final battle. But he never thought it would end up this way.

As soon as he's down on his knees, he closed his eyes, ready to accept his death from the taller man. The pain of being stabbed at the heart never came. Instead, he feels soft lips upon his own, tongue forcefully opening his mouth and cool liquid being transferred from the taller man's mouth into his own. The act caught him off guard and he gulped down the potion at once. Usually, such a potion will take a long time to affect him, but because his energy has been drained when he fought with Yunho earlier, the potion has kicked in faster. Jaejoong soon feels himself being paralyzed. Not even able to lift a single finger.

He can't help but feel something odd because Yunho would never do such a low thing just to ensure his victory. "Yah, Jung Yunho! You bastard! What, you so afraid that you have to paralyze me?!" Jaejoong spat at Yunho's face. But seeing the dark orbs of Yunho's eyes made him realize what the taller man would do to him. If Jaejoong's heart is alive he is sure that it would pound frantically against his ribcage. He realized that there's a sexual attraction between them neatly hidden under the layers of hatred and killing intention. But he never thought that Yunho will be the one to put all that masked desire into an actual act.

"I don't have much time left, love. But at least I will make sure that you will be mine and my only target. Because no one else has the right to hunt you down, to feel the thrill from your gaze like I do. This is our game; I'll make sure it stays that way." Yunho whispered low at Jaejoong's ear. The taller man captures the beautiful vampire's plump lips once again. This time slowly and softly. Sucking and nibbling the soft flesh until Jaejoong moans from the action. Once Jaejoong opens his mouth he shoves his tongue into the sweet cavern, savoring every taste the beautiful one got to offer.

Yunho didn't even bother removing their clothes. He simply unbuckles Jaejoong's belt, pulled the trousers down, let the garment pool on Jaejoong's thighs before he rolled over the beautiful male to lay on his stomach and made him bend his spread knees, lifting his ass slightly from the rugged floors. The slender finger rubbed Jaejoong's length, moving up and down the now hardened length, smearing the pearly liquid that drips from the slit. The slick wetness made Yunho's movements easier.

"Fuck... Ah ah ah... You fucking bastard! You play dirty! You drugged me! How can you stoop so low? I regret to ever think that you're my equal arch enemy! I'd rather have you stab me than humiliate like this." Jaejoong screamed angrily, his tone is dripped with anger and humiliation.

"You have lost my queen. Loser will have to obey the winner's every wish. This is what I wished my queen. What fun I'll get from stabbing wooden stake at your heart? This is a lot more fun. Didn't the forbidden joining between vampires and hunters sound really erotic? 'Cause it does for me. And your moan is a major turn on baby." The taller man took Jae's hand and guides it to his own crotch. Jae feels the heat under his palm, Yunho's hand guides Jae's hand to move up and down, pumping the hardened length.

Jaejoong wasn't even able to think anything aside from the sensation Yunho brings to his body. As if his body has the mind of its own. His body reacted to every single thing Yunho did to him. Every ministration brings more and more pleasure into Jae's body. He tried his best to reject every plesure he feels when the taller man's long digits moves in and out of him, stretching his tight ring of muscle. He tried his best to stifle his moan every time the long digit brushes the bundle of nerves inside him.

"Nnnngggh... Aaahh... Aahh... Fucker! Yunho... You bastard! Ahh... Aah... I swear I'll avenge this humiliation... Aaaahhnn!" Jae moans louder, unable to suppress the sensation of the thick shaft intruding the tight ring of muscle.

"Uhh... So tight... Baby... Uhh... I'm the only one allowed to do this to you my queen. Come find me if you want to avenge me. Make it your sole purpose. Uhhn.." Yunho said with his low husky voice to Jae's ear. Jae could feel the taller man's warm breath on his cheek. And the beautiful plump lips once again captured between the bow shaped one. Tongue soon intrudes the sweet cavern of Jae's mouth, rubbing every spot, stifling any moan that comes out of the gorgeous lips.

"Aaaahhh!!" with that loud moan from Jae, Yunho finally fully settled inside Jae's tight canal. He stops for a moment letting Jae get used to his size and just enjoy the feel of himself being wrapped tightly by Jae's fleshy walls. Yunho let out throaty growl when he finally moved, pulling out almost completely before slamming back deep inside Jae.

Jae is lost in his own sea of pleasure, the sensation of delicious friction against his walls and the hand constantly pumping his wet slick length is too much for him. He can no longer resist Yunho. His lust has won, clouded his mind. Pushing every anxiety, anger, confusion and grief to the back of his mind, only allowed Jae to feel the pleasure of Yunho's hard length pounding inside him and hit his spot with every thrust.

The taller man could feel Jae's wall clenching around his bringing him the utmost pleasure. He hovers above Jae's pale back, raining it with kisses. Sucking and nibbling the cold skin, leaving purplish blotches and marks all over it. Then he moves to Jae's neck. Stops and sucks harder at one particular spot that he knows would elicit a loud whimper from the smaller man.

The sensation pooling on his stomach is a sign for Yunho. He won't be able to last longer. Not when he's buried deep inside this beautiful creature. This beautiful male had been his passion, his obsession since he the first time he saw him. Those big doe eyes with piercing gaze. The jet black locks, the slim waist. Everything about him enticed Yunho endlessly.

He received a letter from higher ups a few days ago. He had insisted that he'll carry the mission to capture Kim Jaejoong alone. He gave various reasons as to why the mission took such a long time, it usually works but he knew he won't be able to keep this game with his Jae forever. The higher ups gave him a week. If he can't fulfill his mission in the time given they'll send another team for the mission. And like hell he would let them. This man is his and his alone. He won't let anyone else touch him.

Yunho's hand moves faster on Jaejoong's shaft, pumping in a frantic pace. His thrusts became more and more desperate. He knows Jaejoong is close too, from the way his wall clenches around him, the way his member throbs in his hand. "Come... Come for me my queen." he whispers in Jae's ear. The hot breath tickles his ear lobe. The sensation from Yunho's hand on his shaft and his member inside him sent him to the peak. "aaahhh... Yun.... aaahhhh.... Yunho!" he screams loudly, stickywhite cum spurting into Yunho's palm. Jae's scream when he climaxed was the last straw. With one last hard thrust he buried himself, balls deep inside Jae's body, emptying his load inside the wet cavern. Jaejoong could feel the hot liquid coating his insides and he would never ever admit it, but he loves the feeling of Yunho's essence inside him and the way it trickles over his thighs when Yunho pulled out slowly and flipped him over to lay on his back.

His mind is still hazy; he is oblivious of his surroundings. He's still recovering from his high when he tastes something warm flowing into his mouth, filling his taste buds with sweet rich coppery taste. He licks Yunho's palm covered with his blood and Jae's own cum. The mixed taste overwhelmed his taste buds. Never in his life has he tasted something as delicious as Yunho's blood. His instincts took over the second following. His fangs came out and sank into Yunho wrist drawing more blood. He can hear Yunho's grunts, but he is too engrossed to realize anything but crimson liquid currently filling and coating his tongue.

When Yunho's pulls his wrist from Jae's grip, realization dawned on him. "God! What are you doing to me! Isn't it enough you already humiliated me?! Now you made me drink your blood?! Fuck! I swear I'll find you and kill you! You bastard!"

"If I know, you still have the energy to shout out loud I'd gladly go on a second round baby. And FYI, it's you who greedily sunk your fangs into my wrist when I already cut open my palm for you." Yunho said with an amused expression. Seeing the expression of this man above him he can't help but wonder. How can this man act calm despite the grim situation he's currently in? He had done two biggest sins as a vampire hunter in one night. Mingled with vampire and he willingly let a vampire drink his blood. Jae sighed, there's nothing Jae could do. He could feel that the potion effect has started wearing off, but he still couldn't move his body plus the earlier activity they had had drained him completely. He took another deep breath, fighting this man is useless right now.

"Don't you understand what you've done? Now they'll hunt you down." Jae said in a flat tone, trying to mask the anxiety rising in his heart. "Are you worried over my well being my Queen?" Yunho chuckled. Jae could feel his warm gaze, his hand brushing the locks of hair from Jae's forehead, and then he pecks the tip of Jae's nose and his lips. Jae could feel his heart flutter from the gesture. Before Jae could utter any retort Yunho begins to speak again. "No need to worry about me my Queen. I am aware of the consequences of my actions tonight. But I just do what I need to do. I'll bind you to me by any means."

"It's almost dawn my Queen. I think I better put you somewhere safe." He said as he carries Jae in his arm, head on his chest. Jae could hear the thumping sound lulling him into drowsiness. Jae could feel his body relaxed inside this man's embrace. He slowly puts Jae onto the soft mattress then he followed right after spooning Jae into his warm body. Jae let the soreness and fatigue his body feels taking over, enjoying the warmth engulfing his body, lulling him into deep slumber. "You know baby, this game isn't over yet. I've catched you, so next time it's you turn to come after me. Tag, you're 'IT'." Yunho said with a smile on his face. That was the last sentence Jae heard from Yunho before his consciousness faded entirely.



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