Secret Hideout
Secret Hideout

Ξ yunjae
Ξ PG-13
Ξ 569 WC

He grabs his hand not wanting to let go. Everything he had suppressed inside seems to burst at any second.

“Let go of my hand!” Jaejoong yell as he tried to yank his hand free of Yunho strong grasp.
“You choose them; you choose to stay with them. You don’t want me any longer!” He yelled louder, tears streaming down his smooth cheeks.

“No, baby… listens to me. I had no choice, and you know how it hurt me. Maybe more than it hurts you.”Collapse )

[drabble] The Warlord
The Warlord

Ξ Choi SiwonXNameless Character
Ξ General
Ξ 169 WC
Ξ A/N because acha's siwon looks like arrogant overlord or someething, and the name of the city is taken from Kyoko Hikawa's Kanata Kara. gosh, I love that manga

by the break of dawn the border will fall and by noon the city of Irkust will be oursCollapse )


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