[drabble] What Minnie Wants, Minnie Gets
What Minnie Wants, Minnie Gets

«Yoomin, ninja!yunjae»
«614 WC»
«inspired by this post on tumbr»

“Chun-ah, I’m hungry… cook for me?” Changmin laid his head on his boyfriend thigh as he puts his best kicked puppy expression.
“You’re always hungry Minnie. Why don’t you ask Jaejoong hyung to cook for you?” Ask Yoochun, fingers automatically run itself through the younger one wavy locks.

Yoochun-ah, I wanna eat ramen.Collapse )

[drabble] The Warlord
The Warlord

Ξ Choi SiwonXNameless Character
Ξ General
Ξ 169 WC
Ξ A/N because acha's siwon looks like arrogant overlord or someething, and the name of the city is taken from Kyoko Hikawa's Kanata Kara. gosh, I love that manga

by the break of dawn the border will fall and by noon the city of Irkust will be oursCollapse )

Secret Hideout
Secret Hideout

Ξ yunjae
Ξ PG-13
Ξ 569 WC

He grabs his hand not wanting to let go. Everything he had suppressed inside seems to burst at any second.

“Let go of my hand!” Jaejoong yell as he tried to yank his hand free of Yunho strong grasp.
“You choose them; you choose to stay with them. You don’t want me any longer!” He yelled louder, tears streaming down his smooth cheeks.

“No, baby… listens to me. I had no choice, and you know how it hurt me. Maybe more than it hurts you.”Collapse )

Fanfics of The Day
I was utterly smitten by be_ddelusionall fanfics, the smut is hot as hell and the plot is just make me feel bitter-sweet, but not kind of fluff bitter-sweet, more like angst bitter sweet. So this Is what I've read and taken liking...
The ListCollapse )

Arch Enemy

Title: Arch Enemy
smut(?), super mild ninja angst
Rating: NC-17
ms102397dkt thank you!
Jaejoong is noble vampire. Yunho is vampire hunter. They love to play tag. whose got to be 'IT' this time?
Disclaimer: the plot belong to wasabi muguro, yunjae belong to each other.
AN: fail attempt to write smut. I have no decent grammar skill or wide vocab so the word kinda repetitive. And the story might get confusing cause I write it on different time and different mood.So for anyone who spared their time and read this lousy fic of mine I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Inspired from Manga Necratoholic by Wasabi Muguro.

The high ceiling, the gleaming parquet floor, the sturdy column decorated with baroque details and whatever left from the grand crystal chandelier hanging at the center of the room which adds some beauty to the whole mess. The only source of light is the full moon shining brightly from the sky. The beam permeated through the windows somehow thickens the dramatic effect around two figures on the floor. The sound of skin slapping against skin followed by moans and groans are the only sounds could be heard, the beautiful music to Yunho's ear. The perfect match for the beautiful surrounding and the beautiful vampire he's holding in his arms now.

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dong bang wallie
Because I have no decent photo manipulation skill whatsoever this is the best my brain can manage

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Poor Jae is forever alone LOL
Jung Yunho where are you??

YunJae Macros 01

my first macros ever! yay! XD 
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Boy Meets Boy (Yunjae Vesion)
Title: Boy Meets Boy (Yunjae Version)
Pairing: Yunjae
Genre: fluff(?)
Summary: gomen, I suck at summaries
warning: not beta-ed, EPIC FAIL on attempt to write fluffy yunjae fic. cheesy, cliche line,  epic fail on grammar. Hontou ni gomendasai ne~
note: inspired by the short movie starred by the cutie pie, Kim Hyesung, and Lee Hyunjin. the short movie I'm talking about part1: www.youtube.com/watch, part 2:www.youtube.com/watch

People said that you’ll find love at the most unexpected situation. And well, that was mostly true, at list to our Heroine in this story. Meet Kim Jaejoong. He is your everyday high school nerd. He loves books and photography. He was very quiet like a nerd suppose to. He doesn’t have lots of friend. He only keeps a small circle of friend which consists of nerd like him. But despite his entire nerd trait, he is actually a sight to behold. When you stare at his face you won’t be able to blink nor torn your gaze away from him. Big beautiful doe-like eyes, with brown orbs, small pointy nose, plump rosy lips. All this perfection framed nicely with black sleek straight hair reached just a little bit above his shoulder and bang covered his forehead. His body is well defined for a nerd. With slender waist and long slim legs and butt that just fit for his body, not too big or too small. Just perfect.

You can consider that this day is the day when lady luck decided to visit our dear Kim Jaejoong. You know despite all beauty he possess, he still nerd and nerd are always become easy target to bully. Why being bullied considered lucky? You’ll find out later.

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